Koskenades Social Cooking Classes

“Koskenades” is Donderdag, 1 Maart 2012, 10h45, geloods op Rippel 90.5 fm tydens Elsie Bornman se weeklikse oggend program wat uitgesaai word tussen 9uur en 12uur.

Die tyd het laat in 2012 verander na Donderdag middae, 15hoo.




Koskenades Le’ Musht Cooking Classes

Due to the unfortunate event of loosing our venue the format of the classes have been changed. Please contact Ivan about the new class format and other details.
Enjoy the semi self prepared dishes after the class with a glass of wine with your fellow classmates! The classes are informal and fun while you learn!

The classes cover the following topics: 
1.  Italian Pasta Class
Learn how to make homemade pasta, creamy blue cheese sauce and an original Bolognaise meat sauce.

2. Formal Dinner Class:  (each guest must bring his/her own whole fresh chicken, white wine for the chicken and a casserole dish to roast your chicken in at home) Learn how to debone, stuff and cook a fresh whole chicken, make an impressive but easy starter and dessert. And delicious side dishes for the deboned roast chicken

3. Malayan Lamb Curry Class:  Learn how to make your own naan bread, sambal and aromatic Malayan Lamb Curry

4. Beef Fillet Class Learn how to prepare the perfect Beef Wellington, prepare fillet for a braai, and delicious sauces to serve with the fillet- Red wine and oyster sauce and a Béarnaise sauce.

5. Cheese Cake Class Learn how to make a decadent baked cheesecake, smooth and creamy unbaked cheesecake, mini baked cheese cakes and a delicious savory cheesecake.

6. Homemade ice-cream Class Learn how to make your own full-cream lemon meringue ice-cream, rum & raisin ice cream, mixed berry ice cream.

7. “Rare, medium and well done” Class Learn how to properly prepare different cuts of meat. Learn how to prepare the perfect steak, juicy & crispy pork chop, “melt-in-your-mouth” lamb chop and crispy chicken.

8. Basic Kitchen Technique Class Learn how to chop onions and not your fingers! How to easily chop other vegetables, how to make an easy béchamel sauce, how to make a quick pastry for pies, how to coat your fried fish and chicken. How to make your own beef, chicken and vegetable stock. And other tips

9. Festive Season Menu Class Learn how to prepare your own selfmade Turclucken with delicious veggies, festive dessert and complimentary cocktails.

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  1. Andy Robinson says:

    Hi I would like to give my partner a present of attending a cooking class series eg a number of lessons over a three month. Period
    She could attend any time of the day
    Do you offer such a thing?

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